The founders of Midokura began their careers building distributed systems for the world’s preeminent e-commerce website: Amazon.com.

Recognizing that companies around the world faced similar challenges and needed networking infrastructure not found in conventional networking, the founders applied their experience to build a secure, scalable, dynamic network virtualization solution for organizations worldwide. MidoNet is that solution.

It is Midokura’s mission to help organizations unleash the full potential of their networks – by adding software network virtualization onto enterprise, data center and government networks, so that the network infrastructure can scale to hundreds of thousands of virtual ports from a single physical network.

Networking isn’t about managing boxes anymore


The Network in Distributed Systems

Management in distributed systems can be complex. Midokura Enterprise MidoNet (MEM) simplifies networking for IaaS clouds.

The performance of network services in a cloud can be hindered by Software Defined Networking (SDN) solutions with centralized controllers. Unlike other SDN solutions, all network services in MidoNet are distributed – the intelligent MidoNet agent acts locally to process the network traffic and provides agility through network automation.

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Recent awards and recognition to Midokura and our products

TT - Winner

Open Source is Mainstream

Linux has changed the way software is developed by championing the concept of open source. Linux has made large and small companies comfortable open source. In fact, 78% of companies run open source. Linux is the common denominator for open source. Today there are projects like Docker, OpenStack, MidoNet, OpenShift, and many others fueling the open source community today.

Building open source with open source

Like OpenStack, MidoNet itself is open source and the source code for MidoNet is freely available at www.midonet.org . MidoNet is built on foundational open source technologies like Quagga, Apache Zookeeper, Apache Cassandra and ELK stack.


Open Source leads in the infrastructure space.


Key open source technologies in OpenStack


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