About Midokura

Vision: The Source for Network Virtualization

Midokura’s vision is to provide a more flexible, customizable and adaptable network infrastructure for companies worldwide through network virtualization. It is Midokura’s mission to unleash the full power of an organization’s networks – while reducing physical network and management costs – by adding Midokura’s virtualization software layer onto enterprise, data center and government machines, in turn scaling to hundreds of thousands of virtual ports from a single physical network.

The Constraints of Physical Networks

Physical networks that enable cloud computing are inflexible, expensive, time consuming and do not provide a centralized management system. Escalating demand for cloud computing applications require enterprises, data centers and government agencies to manage large public and private networks, which require excessive amounts of time to make even the slightest of changes, all while failing to provide a centralized and secure network.

Today’s physical networking appliances and operations are not efficient and not scalable.

To solve this problem, Midokura developed MidoNet, a network virtualization platform that provides a software layer directly within existing physical network hardware, making the once costly and burdensome physical machine a virtual platform that can scale to hundreds of thousands of virtual ports. Through Midokura, businesses and organizations:

  • Eliminate physical network limitations and brings the capabilities and benefits of server and storage virtualization to the network.
  • Centralize the control of an entire network, providing far greater privacy and security over a network environment.
  • Consolidate the size of data centers, improves operational efficiency and increases server load balancing, and increases network security by providing complete control of network and hardware operations.

Virtualizing networks enable organizations to save money and time through simple network and service configurations, which enables companies and agencies to run hundreds of thousands of virtual networks from a single physical network.

  • MidoNet integrates with the open source OpenStack platform, which enables organizations to build public or private cloud environments via fully flexible and scalable networks.
  • We are cloud agnostic and can provide a unified network management and virtualization platform, regardless of the cloud software you run.

Isolate virtual networks, increase enterprise mobility and create virtual switches, virtual load balancers, virtual routers and virtual firewalls with the click of a button.


Midokura Leadership: Innovators. Visionaries. Virtualization Pioneers

Midokura was founded by veteran networking and virtualization pioneers, who were among the first innovators that sought to develop a completely scalable, dynamic and decoupled virtualized network solution.

With a combined pedigree from several of the most recognized and trusted technology companies in the world, and a commitment to the development of network virtualization technologies, the management team brings decades of engineering, network and cloud experience.

Following years of research and development, Midokura built Midonet to provide the most scalable infrastructure to virtualize networks.