Professional Services

It’s not just academic

We know distributed systems inside and out. Our team has real world experience from companies like Amazon and Google. Our professional services are not just academic, we know your problems cause we’ve dealt with the same problems.

We’ve built MidoNet to be completely distributed, and scalable. These advantages are key in building your cloud infrastructure.

Since we abstract the physical network, there is no reason to be locked into a single hardware vendor, such as Cisco. You can easily run your network with a mix of multiple vendors.

Studies show that heterogeneous networks will save you time and money. More importantly, it’s just a reality that no one vendor has the answer to all of your unique networking issues.

Your network is unique

Your situation is unique. And you probably have questions about options and specific issues unique to your networking environment.

We help architecting large scale networks from the ground up. We also help trouble-shooting.

Contact us. +1(888) 512-0460 or  Let’s talk about how network virtualization can help you.