The cloud isn’t as “cloud” as you think.

How clouds only take you halfway

Separating fact from hype

With all the hyperbole around “the cloud,” it’s been easy to get the impression of it as some sort of enterprise promised land. The cloud was the long-awaited solution to common network challenges such as automation, self-service, and scalability. In practice, however, the ability of cloud solutions to help organizations realize these benefits has been hindered by one key element—the physical network.

Cloud Promise

Cloud Reality

Centralized Configuration and Automation Without true virtualization, network devices must still be manually configured.
Instant Self-Service Provisioning In a physical network, it could take weeks for a network engineer to provision new services.
Elasticity and Scalability By horizontally scaling up the physical network, elasticity is lost.
Designed for Failure Existing networks deal with failures as an after-thought.

The problem is the physical network

The limitations of the hardware-dependent network are preventing the enterprise from realizing the full potential of their cloud—and vastly limiting the return on their investment.

To get the most from your cloud, you must untether your network. MidoNet can make it happen.



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