Analyst Coverage

constellation-research-logo“Network virtualization is a technology that reduces the complexity often seen in today’s networks. All indications suggest enterprises will continue to embrace this promising new approach to networking. The other trend we see is the rise of open source networking and more and more vendors benefitting from more eyes and ears on their code, tapping into more crowdsourcing and achieving more transparence of their offering through making their product code available via open source.”
- Holger Mueller, Principal Analyst and VP of Constellation Research
ema_logo“Network virtualization offers the industry a new approach to networking. The technology is especially attractive given the reduction in complexity to the network. The new capabilities and features in Midokura’s new Enterprise MidoNet network virtualization release are promising, especially the ability to bridge existing virtualization technologies like vSphere, and the new support for leading enterprise platforms.”
– Shamus McGillicuddy,
 Senior Analyst, Network Management for Enterprise Management Associates, Inc.
“One of the interesting results was that they [Dell IT] identified a series of gaps that needed to be filled in OpenStack software-defined networking. They then used this to identify a networking partner, Midokura, which sells a platform-agnostic SDN solution. This was Midokura’s first large enterprise partnership and it allowed that company to move into this new market, in a move reminiscent of what IBM did for Microsoft and PCs years ago.”
– Rob Enderle, President and Principal Analyst of the Enderle Group
“Consider the Midokura solution if you haven’t decided on a stack. Organizations considering or using both OpenStack and Docker should put Midokura on their shortlist.”
– Andre Kindness, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research. “
logo-idc“Many prospective users and early adopters of OpenStack have been challenged by the complexity and difficulty of its Neutron networking technologies.” OpenStack’s networking initiatives generally have been fragmented and have lagged behind other major projects within OpenStack. By open sourcing MidoNet, Midokura is seeking to provide a solution that adheres to the open-source, community-based ethos of OpenStack while also looking to deliver a coherent and cohesive approach to solving the full-stack network challenges that OpenStack presents.
– Brad Casemore, Research Director, Data Center Networks at IDC
ihs-180px“The market for OpenStack-based data center (DC) orchestration will be solidified this year in service provider DCs, and will continue to be solidified in the enterprise DC. The inclusion of Midokura Enterprise MidoNet with Fujitsu’s OpenStack-based open cloud architecture will provide the market with a competitive SDN option for OpenStack orchestrated DCs. This go-to-market partnership strengthens both Midokura and Fujitsu in the SDN marketplace.”
– Cliff Grossner, Ph.D., Research Director, Data Center, Cloud and SDN, IHS
Dell’s Open Network strategy places it in an excellent position to grab market share with “near” first mover advantage in a new market, a classic disruptive move. The addition of the Midokura MidoNet SDN NVO is a good move by Dell, widening the appeal of its Open Networking initiative which targets a fast-growing market for SDN in the DC. I believe customers will adopt this solution looking to drive rapid innovation enabled by open source software.”
– Infonetics Research
Cliff Grossner,Ph.D. Directing Analyst, Data Center, Cloud, and SDN