Daiki Akasaka

Embedded Software Engineer

Country: Spain


I’m Daiki. I transferred from SSS to midokura. I’m really happy to be a member of midokura and looking forward to working with you. And I will live in Barcelona with my wife and baby(just a year old). So my family is also excited to live in this beautiful and delicious city. I’m embedded SW engineer to design device drivers such as Peripherals, Video Decoder, ISP, and so on. In SSS, I joined a smart camera project and proceed PoC to use IMX500 with some AI vendor or other SW vendor for Japanese retail shops. Before I moved to SSS, I worked in the SONY TV department, then I was tech lead for the Android TV platform team. We used Mediatek SoC for TV, so I led my team to design for Sony custom devices such as PQ engine and Cortex M4 for voice recognition.  

After I joined midokura, I would like to expand my knowledge to more cloud side or virtualization. In private time, now I like to play futsal, go climbing and camping. So I’m really looking forward to doing these activities in Barcelona. And I also like to join AI competitions, and I spent a lot of time for Edge AI competition which we need to accelerate AI processing on FPGA.