For Service Providers

It’s tough being a service provider

It’s a constant reality of the business, service providers face scaling issues. You are probably using L2 networks with VLANs, and you are simply running out of space on the network.

Midokura has built MidoNet to be completely distributed and scalable. These advantages are key in building your infrastructure.

MidoNet is an advanced Software Defined Networking solution (SDN) that uncouples your cloud from your network hardware, creating an intelligent software abstraction layer between your end hosts and your physical network.
More details on MidoNet here.  Download MidoNet Datasheet

Build your competitive advantages with network virtualization

MidoNet can easily add new functionality to your services which means new revenue streams and new features for your users. Examples include distributed routing capabilities, firewalls, load balancing, VPC, VPN, and more.

Adding new features easily and quickly gives you a competitive advantage. This is especially true for public service providers. Or, if you are a proven service provider, it allows your users to be more efficient and innovative.

We’ve integrated MidoNet with OpenStack to provide a fully fault tolerant, scale out network for public or private clouds. We plan to integrate with other cloud stacks as well.

If you want to try out MidoNet for your organization, please sign up and our networking experts will be in touch with you shortly to get started.