Physical & Cloud Workloads

Flat Networking is not suited for cloud networking. Tenants sharing the same cluster can see each others’ traffic. A challenge to configure, VLAN networks have a hard limit of segmentation IDs. Overlapping subnets and IP ranges providing headroom for segmentation identifiers, VXLANs provides tenant isolation by encapsulating network traffic. Advantage of using VXLAN are many. First, VXLANs allowing for overlapping subnets and IP ranges and thus provides headroom for segmentation identifiers. Second, VXLANs provides tenant isolation by encapsulating network traffic and operates at wire speed.

Applications drive networking

Applications are deployed on virtual and physical machines. Despite widespread use of virtualization, some memory-intensive workloads like Voice, Big Data/Hadoop and relational databases are still more suited for bare metal.

MidoNet allows you to mix and match virtual and physical workloads in a single logical network with simplified management oversight.

“Overlays bring the promise of simplifying the orchestration of data center resources, and having one common configuration protocol [OVSDB] ensures consistent behavior across different overlay and underlay combinations, providing a lower cost of ownership in the process.”Brad Casemore, director of research for datacenter networking at IDC.



Seamless Integration Gateways

We integrate seamlessly with networking hardware gateways from Dell, HP, Lenovo, that support VTEP termination. We enable brite box switching from Penguin, QCT, Edgecore leveraging Linux-enabled networking operating systems from Cumulus and Pica8.

Having workloads running on physical servers should not prevent you from creating a single logical network and running the applications in the configurations best suited for your business without the management complexity.


Verified Hardware Gateways

Brand Model # Portfolio Type Network Operating System
Dell S6000 40G Dell Networking OS
Edgecore AS6712-32X 40G Cumulus Linux
HPE HPE Altoline 6712 40G Cumulus Linux
Pica8 P5401 40G PicOS
Dell S6000 10G Dell Networking OS
HPE HPE Altoline 5712 10G Cumulus Linux
Pica8 P5401 10G PicOS