MidoNet is developed by the MidoNet project that enables cloud operators to build, operate and manage virtual networks at scale. While the GUI-based management features and big data analytics are part of the commercial version, the features enabling core network virtualization capabilities will always be part of the MidoNet.


MEM is built on the MidoNet and adds value in the form of management and analytic tools along with enterprise-class support. We like to think of MEM as the finely-tuned package of advanced software, support, and services that is designed for the modern enterprise and web services companies.


MidoNet Community Edition Midokura Enterprise MidoNet
Cost Free $1899 USD per host
Support Community best effort support Enterprise 24/7 support
Hypervisors KVM KVM, ESXi
Containers Docker Docker
Cloud Orchestration OpenStack OpenStack, vSphere
Container Orchestration Docker Swarm, Kubernetes* Mesos* Docker Swarm, Kubernetes* Mesos*
Product Lifecycle Support 6 month 3 year
Product Updates Backport for critical bug fixes Backport for feature requests; bug fixes
Logical L2 Switching yes yes
Logical Routing yes yes
Distributed L3 Gateways yes yes
Logical L4 Load Balancer yes yes
Logical Firewall yes yes
Hardware VTEP L2 Gateway yes yes
GUI-based management No yes
BGP Status Yes, per gateway node via CLI Yes, for all gateway nodes via GUI
Flow tracing Yes, per host via CLI Yes, aggregated on all hosts via GUI
Search and/or Filter trace routes No yes
Examine network services in GUI Non-aggregated raw data via API yes
Examine flows for user-defined Intervals Non-aggregated raw data via API yes
Support Logs Manual Automated
* denotes planned support Quick Start

Flow Tracing

Examine network services and view live flows going through the network objects
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Hardware VTEP L2 Gateway

Applications are deployed on virtual and physical machines. MidoNet lets you connect virtual and physical workloads on to a single logical network.
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