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  • MidoNet fixes OpenStack Neutron

In OpenStack Neutron networking – replace open vSwitch with MidoNet

Embraced by DevOps practitioners, MidoNet is the open source network virtualization solution that allows web-scale companies, enterprises and service providers to build, operate and manage virtual networks at scale, with agility and security.

Test Drive

If you’re a cloud operator planning to deploy OpenStack for a public or a private cloud, sign up for a 30-day free trial and see for yourself how Midokura Enterprise MidoNet (MEM) simplifies Openstack Neutron.

Single Hop Performance

Unlike open vSwitch in Neutron that process packets off-box, MidoNet provides single hop packet processing performance by programming the Linux kernel directly without going through middle boxes.

Network Agility

Configure and spin up core L2/L3 and advanced networking services like LBaaS, FWaaS in seconds, using the standards based Neutron APIs

Openstack Neutron Agility

Scale with the OpenStack Cloud

Making flow decisions on each host locally at ingress without relying on a centralized controller, MidoNet fetches and caches logical flow state at the edge of the network and scale proportionately as new hypervisors are added to the cloud