Openstack Summit 2016- Barcelona

Voting for speeches at OpenStack Summit, Barcelona is now open until Monday, August 8, at 11:59 PDT.

Instructions to Voters: Use the Keyword to search for the session, there’s no direct linking to the session.

Midokura submitted a few networking and container-related talks with our technology partners and customers. Our submissions depend on your vote:

  1. Follow the link to OpenStack Summit, Barcelona voting.
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  3. Using the SEARCH window, input keywords from below listed titles.
  4. When proper topic is found, click on Option #3 (Would Love To See).


Scaling Neutron Networks to Ten Thousand Ports

Presenters:  Alex Bikfalvi (Midokura), Adrian

Keyword: Bikfalvi

Public Cloud done right: Making of the SysEleven Stack

Presenters: Alexander Gabert (Midokura), Martin Gerhard Loschwitz(SysEleven), Mellanox, Quobyte

Keyword: SysEleven

Physical bug fix in a logical world: an approach to network root cause analysis

Presenters: Alon Harel (Midokura), JR Rivers (Cumulus), Bhaskar Chinni (Broadcom)

Keyword: Harel

Enabling AWS/Azure’s VPN and DirectConnect/ExpressRoute in OpenStack

Presenter: Alon Harel (Midokura)

Keyword: Harel

Kuryr – Here Comes Advanced Services for Container Networking!

Presenters: Antoni Segura Puimedon (Midokura), Gal Sagie (Huawei)

Keyword: Puimedon

NFV Solution Using Containers as VNFs

Presenters: Antoni Segura Puimedon (Midokura), Prithiv Mohan (Intel)

Keyword: Puimedon

Networking approaches in a Container World

Presenters: Antoni Segura Puimedon (Midokura), Flavio Castell (SUSE), Neil Jerram (Calico)

Keyword: Puimedon

MidoNet Scalability Testing with Neutron in AWS to 1000 nodes

Presenters: Antonio Ojea (Midokura), Lucas Eznarriaga (Midokura)

Keyword: Ojea

Lessons from the Developer Cloud – OpenStack Innovation Center Success Stories

Presenters: Antonio Ojea (Midokura), Travis Broughton (Intel)

Keyword: Ojea

“Does IT Matter?” redux: pricing as a strategic differentiator for cloud domination

Presenter: Ashish Mukharji (Midokura)

Keyword: Mukharji

“Hard Facts behind Software-defined – What it means, and How to enable your business”

Presenters: Ashish Mukharji (Midokura), Frank Rego(SUSE)

Keyword: Mukharji

“MidoNet 101: An Introduction to the Controllerless Open Source Neutron Plugin

Presenter: Cynthia Thomas (Midokura)

Keyword: MidoNet

Make Me a MidoNet Master: Hands-On Workshop

Presenters: Abel Boldú del Castillo (Midokura), Alexander Gabert (Midokura), Cynthia Thomas (Midokura)

Keyword: MidoNet

“Building your technology castell, cloud startup funding scene in Europe”

Presenters: Dan (Midokura), Scott Mackin, CEO Barcinno; Àlex Rodríguez Bacardit, Regional Director, Startup Grind Southern Europe; Carlos Cruz Rastrojo, Startup Grind Barcelona

Keyword: Castell

“IOT wave is coming, can your network handle it?”

Presenters: David Levin (Midokura), Devdatta Kulkarni (Rackspace)

Keyword: IOT

MidoNet – Turn your overlay network “insight out”!

Presenters: Ernest Artiaga (Midokura), Jan Hilberath (Midokura)

Keyword: Artiaga

Put a Lid on It! Secure Kubernetes Container Workloads with Production-Grade Networking

Presenters: Irena Berezovsky (Midokura), Cynthia Thomas (Midokura), Tim Hockin (Google)

Keyword: Berezovsky

What does it take to integrate Octavia with a Container Orchestration Engine. What is it good for?

Presenters: Irena Berezovsky (Midokura), Katherine Barabash (IBM)

Keyword: Berezovsky

Stateful Service Meets Stateless Gateway: Resolve Bottlenecks to Horizontally Scale L3 Gateways

Presenters: Ivan Kelly, Alex Bikfalvi (Midokura)

Keyword: Bikfalvi

OSIC Enables the SDN Sale: Testing MidoNet with Neutron at Scale

Presenter: Antonio Ojea (Midokura)

Keyword: Ojea

Simplifying Security Orchestration for Multi-Vendor OpenStack Clouds

Presenters: Pino de Candia (Midokura), Panel

Keyword: De Candia

L7 Security in Kubernetes with OpenStack Kuryr

Presenters: Pino de Candia (Midokura), Manish Dave (Intel), Binh Phan (Forcepoint)

Keyword: De Candia

One cloud. Openstack. Kubernetes. One hour. A managed OpenStack success story

Presenters: Michael Ford (Midokura), Charles Conte (Dell), Paavan Shanbhag (Platform9)

Keyword: Managed OpenStack

The Gentle Breeze – Functional Testing in Neutron with Zephyr

Presenters: Michael Micucci (Midokura), Ryu Ishimoto (Midokura)

Keyword: Zephyr

“The good, bad, and ugly about Neutron Distributed Virtual Routers”

Presenter: Richard Wong (Midokura)

Keyword: Richard Wong

Enabling advanced L7 Load Balancing in Kubernetes with OpenStack Kuryr

Presenters: Shashi Shastry (Midokura), Praveen Yalagandula (Avi Networks)

Keyword: Shastry

“Networking Down Under: Proving OpenStack across a large-scale academic research network

Presenters: Ryu Ishimoto (Midokura), Sam Morrison (NeCTAR)

Keyword: NeCTAR

Operating OpenStack on a Budget

Presenter: Samir Ibradžić (Midokura)

Keyword: Samir

“IPv6: Is it finally that time? Complexity, risk and business impact”

Presenters: Shashi Shastry (Midokura), Azhar Sayeed (Red Hat), Scott Sneddon (Juniper)

Keyword: Sastry

The Operators’ View on the Certified OpenStack Administrator Exam

Presenter: Susan Wu (moderator), Samir Ibradžić (Midokura)  (panelist), Robert Starmer (Kumulus Technologies) Ron Terry (SUSE)

Keyword: Samir

“A Work-Load Centric View on OpenStack Cloud Economics moderated by Owen Rogers, Research Director, Digital Economics Unit, 451 Research

Presenter: Dan Dumitriu (Midokura), Owen Rogers (451), Scott Sneddon (Juniper), Shaheeda Nazir (Go Daddy)

Keyword: 451 Research

Lessons learned enabling DPDK for an overlay-based SDN

Presenter: Miguel Ángel Herranz Trillo (Midokura)

Keyword: Trillo