Smart cities


This is one of the main challenges for Artificial Intelligence development: the design of a SMART urban system, capable of optimizing the management of resources. Every aspect of a city can be improved thanks to Artificial Intelligence, such as security, public transportation, energy savings or social health.

Face recognition for
security identification

Incorporating facial recognition algorithms in the security system of a city, it is possible to prevent crime, speed up the investigation process and guarantee security in public places. This technology is already common in our society: cameras with facial recognition softwares have proved to be key in cases of disappearances and hundreds of users trust facial recognition as a way to control the access to their mobile devices.

Monitoring mobility in cities

This technology can allow us to improve the design and the making of infrastructures. Sensor Technology, alongside an algorithm capable of counting people, could revolutionize the way of managing traffic and mobility in the cities, improving the understanding of civil behavior.