Learn About OpenStack Networking & MidoNet

Real World training designed by OpenStack Neutron contributors.

Certification identifies you as a true OpenStack expert. It helps establish industry credibility and provides validation of your skills and expertise.

Instructor Led, Hands on Training

This is a two-part training program designed by contributors to the OpenStack Neutron Project

Through instructor led discussions and interactive hands on exercises, participants will become familiar with cloud computing concepts, the core services in OpenStack, learn to configure and deploy a starter OpenStack cloud in the first course.In the second course, participants will become familiar with the concepts in software defined networking, specifically OpenStack Networking and get a deep dive into the MidoNet architecture. They will understand how MidoNet can overcome the shortcomings in OpenStack Neutron by replacing the default Open vSwitch (OVS) plugin with the MidoNet plugin.


Audience & Prerequisites

This course is best suited for systems administrators or IT managers with basic Linux systems administration experience.
Previous (server, storage and/or network) virtualization and cloud computing knowledge helpful but not mandatory. Prior knowledge of OpenStack is not required.


MidoNet Certification

Upon completion of each course, participants will receive a certification of completion from Midokura.

Certifications can be a differentiator in front of potential employers and customers.


Private Training

We can tailor a private training that fit your needs at your site.

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The Courses

MKT101 OpenStack Fundamentals

Level: Beginners

Duration: 1-Day Class
Price: $1,200.00 USD

MKT 101 is a beginner course on the fundamentals of OpenStack. It will enable participants to deeply understand the basic concepts behind OpenStack and the general structure of the solution.


Class Objectives:

At the end of the class, participants will

  •  Have a deep knowledge of the OpenStack project history
  •  Have in-depth knowledge about all the OpenStack core services (Nova, Cinder, Glance, Horizon, Neutron (Except Swift)
  •  Have a basic idea of how to design a cloud environment
  •  Have basic skills around using the OpenStack GUI and CLI


  • Basic knowledge of Linux and Linux systems management
  • Basic knowledge of cloud computing
  • Basic knowledge of virtualization technologies ( Compute, Storage, and Networking ) preferred, but not mandatory

Link to course syllabus

MKT102 OpenStack Networking and MidoNet

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 1-Day Class
Price: $1,500.00 USD

MKT 102  is an intermediate course focused on OpenStack Networking. It will enable participants to deeply understand the fundamental concepts behind OpenStack Networking including Neutron, default Open vSwitch plugin and MidoNet.


Class Objectives:

At the end of the class, participants will

  • Have a deep  understanding of SDN and requirements for cloud networking
  • Have a basic knowledge of OpenStack Neutron, OVS plug-in, and Midonet
  • Understand the MidoNet architecture
  • Understand the difference between the default Open vSwitch (OVS) plugin and MidoNet



  • MKT102 Requires participants to have the knowledge of MKT 101 or equivalent courses such as: Red Hat Training, OpenStack (RHC210), HP Training, OpenStack Foundations ( H6C68S), ASEAN Labs, System admin I

Link to course syllabus