Highlights: our 2021 midolympics

We are happy to introduce the midolympics, running for the first time in the midohouse in Barcelona

Our peculiar combination of different games, such as some online games and sports like ping pong or beach volleyball. Our midos have had to compete in teams or by themselves depending on the specific game. This fact has really caught our attention since we have been able to discover multiple aspects of each one of our colleagues. Although we were very curious to know which of the participants ended up standing on the podium, the great achievement has been building stronger bonds between the midos. The midolympics has meant increasing their motivation, encouraging collaboration and trust in each other.

A meeting point between the Tokyo Olympics and the games at Barcelona in 1992

Because of our very close relationship with Tokyo, we have felt almost as if the Olympics were celebrated again at Barcelona as happened in 1992. We work every day with the midoteam in Tokyo since some projects are shared with them, so the midolympics are meant to celebrate and honour Tokyo 21 and somehow connect with the big memories of the Olympics at Barcelona 29 years ago.

It is true that this is one of the main reasons why we came about holding our version of the Olympics: to feel this conexion with Japan. However, we felt that this event could also mean something big in the midohouse. The main goal of the Olympic Movement is to contribute to building a peaceful and better world by educating in the Olympic spirit the athletes that compete but also the whole population that is watching and supporting them. This Olympic Spirit means equality of opportunities for winning, solidarity and fair play. It is their true value, their effort and their attitude that leads them to victory, and these are the principles that we want to find and support in our midos.

The midolympics were celebrated from the 6th to the 10th of September, with the next programme:

Day 1
Ping Pong game in double and single matches
Day 2
Online games (two shifts): Smash Karts, Tetris and Skribbl.io
Beach volleyball
Day 3
Online games (one shift): Haxball, Skribbl.io and Tetris
The midolympics at a beach in Barcelona. Playing some sports together and being part of a team, contributes to the enhancement of the emotional bond created between them.
Source: Pérez, Noelia. midolympics September 2021

This has been the perfect combination of outdoor and indoor games. Fortunately, the Ping Pong table was placed in the midohouse, on the terrace, which allowed us to share this time in our own space. The online games were celebrated also at the office and the beach of Barcelona was the perfect setting to play beach volleyball.

We have learned a different way to work in teams in this midolympics but we have also had the opportunity to compete with our own colleagues, which has given us a new perspective of their abilities and skills.

Knowing our midos in a non-work-related environment have triggered an enhancement of our motivation in the team work, have allowed us to build trust in each other and they have felt even more valued, not only because of their performance at work but also because of their personal skills, for who they really are out of work.

09/09 Online games day. Most of our midos felt comfortable with this other type of games because of their expertise. This is the opportunity to show other skills and abilities.
Source: Pérez, Noelia. midolympics September 2021
The midolympics uniforms. The midolympics branding is designed so it recalls midokura’s, this builds a connection between the event and the teamwork.
Source: Pérez, Noelia. midolympics September 2021