Meet our midoteam

"We are a technology company that cares about people"

Discover all the talent that we have in midokura. We hope you will be part of it!

Because in midokura we know that there is nothing more valuable than talent; Our work, so focused on machines and the design of artificial intelligence, is only possible thanks to the best human team.


In our midohouse
we have designed a meeting point
for talent, a hub of development
in the heart of Barcelona



Customer Centricity

We strive to satisfy our customers, both internal and external. We do this by listening to them carefully, understanding their pain points, responding to them promptly, advising them honestly, and exceeding their expectations. We prioritize doing the right thing for customers, contextualizing their requests to their whys and needs, and adapting to help them achieve their goals.


Pride in our Work

We strive for excellence in all that we do, large or small, and take pride in our progress. We all take responsibility for the state of our team, our work, our products, and ourselves. We welcome all help and feedback, and recognize and incorporate the best ideas offered. When we notice a problem, we either fix it ourselves or find another owner. We never say, “That’s not my job.”


Embrace Change to Innovate

We accept change as a given. Change is an opportunity to do things differently, to innovate when faced with a different paradigm. We adapt quickly to new and changing priorities by taking risks to innovate. Taking risks is necessary to our success — not taking risks can be the biggest risk of all. Learning from our failures is part of our path to success.


Respect & Trust

We treat each other with dignity. We seek understanding by listening before we speak. We provide others with opportunities to succeed, and we give constructive feedback. We help each other. We give trust easily, recognizing that trusting each other is essential to our success. We don’t let occasional failures and differences in work styles undermine our trust. We assume best intentions always and learn from failures rather than seeking to place blame.


Transparent & Humble Communication

We understand that working in a one global and cross- cultural team is challenging, so we proactively interact with our colleagues in a humble way, always open to accept the differences. We empathize with being on the other side, so we try our best to provide sufficient context and we understand our multicultural environment to build a confident and respectful relationship.

Our Midoteam

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Francesco Mormile
QA Engineer
Mari Ikeda
Technical Writer
Yushi Oka
Solution Engineer
Samir Ibradžić
Systems Engineer
Ignacio Casso
Software Engineer
Aniela Ceausescu
Agile Project Delivery Manager
Jim Kennedy
Technical Writer
Hiroyuki Tsuneta
Product Manager
Sergio Vidiella Pinto
Product Owner
Daiki Akasaka
Product Owner
Isabel Castañeda
Galo Navarro Fernández
Principal Software Engineer
Víctor Prada
Product Owner
Ángel Bazan
Estela Vázquez
AI Software Engineer
Alex Martín
AI Software Engineer
Alon Harel
Guillermo Ontañón Ledesma
Director of Engineering
Masa Ando
Corporate Manager
Alex Carrillo
Clàudia Solàs
Audiovisuals Intern
Víctor García
David Girón Bueno
DevOps Engineer
Jaume Devesa
DevOps Lead
Mariko Arai
Accounting & Control Team
Marco Casaroli
Software Engineer
Alexandre Perrin
Software Engineer
Kazushinge Takeuchi
Solution Engineer
Andrei Atasiei
Tech Lead
Junichi Fujioka
VP Corporate
Martin Klang
Senior Software Engineer
Kenji Shimizu
Software Engineer
Roberto Vargas
Software Engineer
Katsuyuki Nakamura
Tech Alliance Engineer
Ricard Nàcher Roig
Senior Software Engineer
Dmitry Bufistov
Senior Software Engineer
Jordi Bécares Ferrés
Senior Software Engineer
Miki Oura
Business development
Luis Linares García
Senior Embedded Engineer
Florian Castellane
Software Engineer
Ekaterina Kravchenko
AI Software Engineer
Alexander Vera
Silvia Gandy
Director of Advanced Development
Xavier del Campo
Senior Software Engineer
Carles Clavero
Senior DevOps Engineer
Ayako Akasaka
Software Engineer
Agustín Rivero de la Cruz
Senior DevOps Engineer
Dan Mihai
David López
Tech Lead
Noélia Pérez Jáquez
Office Manager
Crystal Ahn
Project Manager
Aaron Morales Botton
Software Engineer
Aitor Ruano Miralles
Software Engineer
Juan Toca
AI Software Engineer
Yair Bonastre
AI Tech Lead
Xavier Serra
AI Software Engineer
Timoteo Frascaroli
Software Engineer
Roger Frauca Córdoba
Software Engineer
Sergio Almendros
Software Engineer
Javier Gil
Director & VP of Operations
Claudia Vidal Ballesteros
Ryutaro Ishimoto
Head of Tech Alliances
Miguel Ángel Herranz
Software Engineer
Magí Toneu
AI Software Engineer
Pau Vallespí
Tatsuya Kato
Chairman of the Board & CEO
Emmanuel Rodríguez Belmonte
Software Engineer
David Hilazo
AI Software Engineer
Joan Flotats
QA Software Engineer
Víctor Badenas Crespo
AI Software Engineer
Toni Bofarull Cabello
AI Software Engineer
Ilyes Noumri
Software Engineer
Yoko Tanabe
Business Development
Guillem Martínez