Advanced vehicle


Artificial Intelligence has found a challenge and a reason why in automaton driving. There is a wide range of applications to Artificial Intelligence and machine learning in the automotive sector. It is not only a way to achieve autonomous cars, capable to operate without a driver, but also to establish a system of digital roadside assistance capable to navigate even during the most complex traffic situations.

Monitoring the driver’s safety status

Thanks to the sensors installed inside the vehicle, Artificial Intelligence is capable to perceive the driver behaviour patterns, warning the pilot when his actions are caused by exhaustion or distraction.


AI can improve safety detecting sleeping or distraction parameters.


Passive safety can optimize the security of features such as the airbag.

Gesture Control

The interaction process with the control panel, is one of the main reasons of distraction while driving a vehicle. IA and sensor technology allows us to optimize the process, freeing the driver from touching the dashboard thanks to gesture reading.

To manage the music volume, the vehicle’s navigation route or recent calls will be possible with a simple gesture.