Smart Manufacturing


A new industrial approach:
Smart Manufacturing
(Industry 4.0)

The implementation of Artificial Intelligence in the industrial area has revolutionized the production mechanisms. And there is still a long way to go! From 3D printing to the computerized design of the product. The applications of Artificial Intelligence in the industry allows you to reduce costs and optimize the production.

Predictive maintenance

The predictive maintenance techniques seek to diagnose the status of the industrial equipment to determine the moment to perform a reparation. Taking into account the lifespan of the parts and the reparation routines, the application of AI reduces the costs of supervising and therefore, avoids its faults.

Anomaly detection

Unfortunately, a digital business has cybersecurity risks. The dynamic nature of computer systems dilutes the standardization of “normal” behavior. The Artificial Intelligence designed to perceive anomalies in the pool of collected data is capable to find behavioural disturbances defined as normal and alert about the attacks on the system and different defaults with more accurately.

Adaptive manufacturing to improve quality

Artificial Intelligence has the capacity to connect different tools and systems to strengthen the manufacturing process, achieving production optimization and improving product quality.

Real time supply chain and logistics optimization

Algorithms have revolutionized the management of supply chains and even the concept of production logistics. Automatic learning allows to process huge amounts of manufacturing data and analyze them.

Worker safety monitoring

The value of a company lies on its workers. Artificial Intelligence algorithms can supervise employees’ security. Predictive analysis and IoT allow to find human errors and usage failures.

Optimize energy consumption (lighting, air conditioning, sound)

A system that allows you to learn about your household consumption data and program it to suit your taste. For example, the perfect temperature, having as well into account your power consumption.