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Our mission is to transform society with AI and IoT, working with cognitive applications for computer vision

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The best talent joined with the emerging technologies. We develop and program smart software in order to make life easier for people and brands. Introducing our available edge resources and our AI solutions it will be possible to upgrade your startup operations or simplify your enterprise systems.

We provide the integration of Artificial Intelligence into the Edge, moving the AI ​​from the cloud to the device.

Our Edge Computing solutions avoid processing saturation and offer a secure connection for network traffic. We take the AI ​​as close as possible to the devices so they can make their own decisions.

From sensors to algorithms, our team is continuously researching and testing the software, ensuring the best results and creating new solutions. This project was born in 2010, led by Amazon Engineers, who architected its key technologies, such as DynamoDB. Ten years later, we have grown till being part of the Sony Group. Now we are looking for people like you to keep growing.

Welcome to the Virtualized Edge Computing!
The true Edge Computing.

Welcome to the Virtualized Edge Computing!
The true Edge Computing.

A Sony Group Company

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Our goal is to transform society with technology. If you are passionate about Edge Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we are looking for you.

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