Retail stores


Our world has changed. And our way of shopping as well. In the last 5 years the physical shops have experienced unparalleled renovations, from BOPS strategies (Buy Online Pickup in Store) to Track Inventory (softwares specially designed to monitor the inventory movement).

Technology has revolutionized the way of buying, and the next step in this evolution is the implementation of Artificial Intelligence in the physical store, making a key element in the digitization of retail sales and making each customer experience unique.

How will the Artificial
the retail world?

Always connected:
Track goods for purchase

Always trace the full path of any order with a tracking software. It optimizes all the processes and monitorizes the order status. Master all the information! Everything you need to know about your inventory, presented in a simple and accessible way.


Manage your extensive product catalog. Create a list of suppliers and program the relationships between items and suppliers with all maintenance details.


Artificial Intelligence in Edge allows you to manage the life cycle of your orders from a single platform following a structured delivery process, from invoices to delivery dates.


Trace all errors immediately, from duplicate items to numbering failures.


Create exhaustive reports in a few minutes and check the performance of your business.

Maximize the engagement

Maximize the engagement

Analyze the user’s interest towards your product, check out their movements and behavior patterns in the establishment and optimize the structure of the Retail shop and the product placement.


The AI allows to bring down the barrier between the digital and the physical service, simplifying the customer experience, collecting buyer data and analyzing its consumption


The Internet of Things is the central vector of change. The applications are only limited by the imagination: from intelligent mirrors that allow you to request products in the dressing rooms to customizing panels of the product. Everything will be programmed and linked to your digital stock. It's the power of Artificial Intelligence applied to your business.