We started off in 2010 thanks to the union of a Japanese businessman and an American software engineer. Our first success was the development of MidoNet, a project of an open code of software defined networks (SDN). This virtual network was based on the superposition that connects virtual machines through digital structures such as routers, commutators and virtual ports. This network was able to build and administrate topologies and virtual network configurations remotely. Its design of distributed systems decides where to send the packages handled in every final node, the point where the VM that sended the traffic was executed. It was integrated by OpenStack, an orchestration platform in the open code cloud, so that the initiated virtual machines could get connected through MidoNet.


We have made our MidoNet source code available at www.midonet.org. It is totally free! It is the first solution to the independent and open network virtualization available for the OpenStack community.


MidoNet was a success, but the adoption of OpenStack had reached its peak. It was time to face a new challenge.


In 2017, Midokura and Sony Semiconductor Solutions (SSS), who were also searching for new strategies beyond simply selling hardware units, started a way that would lead them to become associated companies.


In May 2019, SSS acquired Midokura remaining independent and keeping the existing core values and culture.

New challenges

We are a leading company focused in design and implementation of network virtualization. Counting on the Sony’s sensor technology, we have accomplished our most ambitious goal: to take Edge Computing to the next step in the digital evolution.

Thanks to the association of SSS with the main companies specialized in Artificial Intelligence, we can incorporate the AI to our strategy.

As a result, we have a platform to easily implement and execute AI workloads on peripheral devices. We can also execute complex distributed workloads on a group of IoT devices.

All of this managed by Software as a Service.

Our company captured the interest of the main
companies of Artificial Intelligence

We offer the industry a complete integration platform, capable of releasing the information burden to the cloud, redirecting it to the Edge.

We have worked with Amazon, Cisco, Google and VMware.


You have the opportunity to be part of our team, as we are growing and searching for more knowledge in Artificial Intelligence and sensors, and add this talent to our virtualization service.

Our mission is to create a new and intelligent product with a solid platform, without leaving other computer areas unexplored, such as Artificial Intelligence and integration with public clouds.

We are searching for new talents! The new candidates will work in I + D and PoC development. The obtained results will help us to redefine our product and value.

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