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AI Models creation and research

  • Research new network architectures in TensorFlow and Pytorch fitting into Edge Devices and Smart Cameras.
  • Research training methods and model optimization like Transfer Learning and Knowledge Distillation.
  • Development of an SDK for integrating AI models into the AITRIOS life cycle.

AI Model training and optimization as a service

  • Separate the concepts of Model creation, Domain adaptation and Fine Tuning to ease Model creation and allow cross-company collaboration.
  • Train an already existing Model just by adding your images and annotations, or create your own Model from scratch.
  • Ensure your trained model is compatible with target devices in advance.

Vision Sensing Application creation

  • Creation of tools for easy Vision Sensing Application generation for the edge.
  • Use your trained models for creating applications powered with AI.
  • Build the block of your application with WASM modules and connect them.
  • Compilation ahead of time for modules and model optimization for target devices.

Vision Sensing Application lifecycle management

  • Help developers to manage the application lifecycle.
  • Distribute the logic among multiple devices, offloading compute from weak devices to others with more computational power.
  • Abstract away the differences between different service providers and IoT platforms.
  • Provide a consistent set of services (Security, distributed storage, communication…) to managed applications.

Vision Sensing Application execution and monitoring in the edge

  • We work on fail-safe deployment of secure, sandboxed components without requiring OTA updates.
  • Targeting edge devices ranging from larger Cortex-A microprocessors to resource-constrained microcontrollers.
  • Allowing user defined component pipelines to be securely deployed to IoT device fleets.