Discover the midohouse: our offices in Barcelona

We have created a hub of developement for the A.I. Industry in Barcelona, the neuralgic centre of midokura in Spain

When you have an office in the heart of Barcelona, you have much more than a facility. Working in the middle of a city famous for its creative and digital culture means development, passion and strategic opportunities.

Our headquarters in Barcelona are placed in the technological district of the city, called the 22@. We want you to join us in our office tour, so you get to know the company’s talent house: we want to introduce you what we call our midohouse.

Welcome to the office of the future

Our entrance gives the welcome to all the talent that we have gathered in the last months. Every new mido discovers in Barcelona our comfortable environment, not only for our staff, but also for our visitors. For us, it is very important that everyone can feel happy and relaxed at the office. This is the best way to create an easy-going atmosphere that allows the ideas to go with the flow and create the best projects.

In Midokura we know how important work-sport balance is. This is why we make it easier for our staff by giving them the opportunity to go to the office by bike. They can park it in the hall and then they can have a shower and start the day fully energized. Moreover, this is one of our contributions to a more sustainable lifestyle.


The A.I. World

In midokura we want to picture this whole concept of A.I. world through the architecture of the office. Because of this, our meeting rooms are named after the most important cities for A.I. technology where we also have other offices. Of course the meeting rooms have different characteristics so you can choose the best place to have this particular meeting. ¿Where do you prefer to work? ¿Barcelona, Tokyo, Kobe or Osaka?

This commitment with our Japanese DNA can be identified in all our installations. ¿Did you noticed all our traditional japanese sheets, all around the building?

Different spaces for different people

Our multidisciplinary team fits so well together because we work in the same direction to achieve the same goal, but at the same time we are aware that people are different. Being different is a great advantage that makes us fit like a puzzle in which every piece is important and develops a different function for the correct functioning of the whole team.

Being that different implies that each person is going to feel comfortable and inspired in different spaces. Our midos can choose between some classic desk, a comfy sofa or maybe a meeting room. Every space inspires them either to be more focused or to set a non-stressful atmosphere where the ideas can flow.


The functionality of the midokura’s control centre in Barcelona, Spain

We have not just focused on a minimalist and beautiful design for the midohouse. The office has also been designed to be functional, as any house should be. You already know about the availability of showers in the office. This is not only useful for active people that decide to get to the office by bike or by foot, it is also useful for staff that are working during summer time or those who are going to socialize after work.


Another functional space is the kitchen. There you have all the facilities to cook or simply heat any already prepared meal. The purpose of the kitchen is not only to prepare yourself something to eat, indeed it is a place to connect with other people of your team. We have experienced a greater connection when you cook with a work mate and then have lunch together. Because it goes beyond the act of feeding, it is a time to care about the other and share it with them.

Break out areas

You have already seen the work areas such as the office and the meeting rooms, but we also have a breakout area. This place is where our staff can relax, eat their lunch or talk a little bit with their colleagues. It also provides a quality time when they can distance themselves from a stressful atmosphere or they can share some thoughts in an informal way.

Our amazing terrace is the best place to do so. You can enjoy the fresh air and the views while you sit on a sofa or in one of the comfortable chairs. This makes this place the most preferred one for doing a break. However, we know that our staff loves to disconnect also in the kitchen or in any of the rest areas with sofas. It is up to you wherever you want to take a break, just relax and focus on coming back reenergized.


Where is my private office?

Sorry, we don’t have it. This is the magic of our company, no private spaces. Our aim and part of our methodology is to get a constant flow of communication and the connection of the work of each of the members of the team. The architecture of the midohouse imitates and benefits this workflow. This is the reason why we do not have private offices, we work in the same room which makes it easier to keep a continuous interaction. If it is needed, a mido can use a particular meeting room or they can even work remotely if they want to be on their own. Nevertheless, most of the time we prefer to work in the same environment and make the communication easier between the team. We are aware that one of our biggest advantages is that we master teamwork.

Do you want to join the midoteam and work here with us?

We always want to meet big talents, if that’s you, have a look at the careers section and let’s talk. midokura is waiting for you.