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Manage High Frequency of Changes in Seconds in Virtualized Networks

High Frequency Changes

Perform network changes in seconds while minimizing service disruptions

High Density and Distributed workloads for Virtual Networks

High Density, Distributed Workloads:

Support scale out distributed workloads without adding to the networking footprint

High Volume of Virtual Network applications

Large Volume of New Applications:

Launch application services without modifying the network

High Performance Virtual Networks

Need for Performance

Remove performance bottlenecks constraining application experience

security between virtual servers

Need for Security

Implement security between virtual servers without adding complexity


Trusted by Operations

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    “The engineers at Midokura are fantastic to work with and feel more like an extension of my team then they do a vendor,” said Mike Smith, Lead Cloud Systems Architect, Overstock.com.
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    “Dell’s Open Networking initiative is about being open, flexible and software-defined to help maximize our customers’ application environments.” said Tom Burns, vice president and general manager, Dell Networking
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    “MidoNet was the best network virtualization solution available and helped us achieve our goals of multi-zone and multi-region deployment,” said Matt McKinney, Chief Strategy Officer at AURO
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    “Automate everything, even the snowflakes, then automate the automation.” said ShaColby Jackson, Director of Network Operations, Blue Jeans Networks.
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    “MEM allows us to offer advanced, flexible virtual networks as part of our private cloud service.” said Yoshiyuki Hamada, Vice President of Technology at Colt Technology Services Co., Ltd



Network Operations Support System

for physical networks not designed for agility or scale

Run Virtual Networks at Scale

Run at Scale

Scale up network capacity simply by adding nodes to the network without disturbing the physical layer. Increase density of your virtualization by overcoming physical network limitations.

Simplify Virtual Network Management

Simplify Network Management

Provide a global view of all virtual objects like BGP, bridges, routers, tenants, tunnel zones managed by MidoNet. Proactive system health monitoring and automatic traffic re-routing save operators precious cycles.

Manage Network Virtualization with agility

Manage with Agility

Perform inter-tenant maintenance with ease. Network provisioning goes from weeks to minutes with MidoNet.

High Value Deliverability for Virtual Networks

Deliver value Instantly

Delivering value from the start. Our unwavering enterprise-class 24/7 support begins during the free evaluation, continues throughout the deployment and unending until told to leave.