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MidoNet replaces the default OVS plugin from OpenStack deployments and offers a much more scalable and efficient networking solution for highly virtualized and cloud environments.

MidoNet also provides L2-L4 services that are distributed at the network edge.



“Network virtualization is a technology that reduces the complexity often seen in today’s networks. All indications suggest enterprises will continue to embrace this promising new approach to networking”

- Holger Mueller, Principal Analyst and VP of Constellation Research


Run at Scale

Scale up network capacity simply by adding nodes to the network without disturbing the physical layer. Increase density of your virtualization by overcoming  physical network limitations.


Simplify Network Management

Provide a global view of all the virtual network constructs like BGP, bridges, routers, tenants, tunnel zones being managed by MidoNet and the agents. Proactive system health monitoring and automatic traffic re-routing save operators precious cycles from routine maintenance tasks.


Manage with Agility

Performing inter-tenant maintenance like inter-tenant routing can be automated and done in seconds with the intuitive MidoNet Manager user interface


Deliver value Instantly

Delivering value from the start. Our unwavering enterprise-class 24/7 support begins during the free evaluation, continues throughout the deployment and unending until told to leave.

Midokura Enterprise MidoNet

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