Programmable Embedded Vision Sensors

Programmable Embedded Vision Sensors

Revolutionizing Edge AI: AITRIOS created by Sony Semiconductor Solution (SSS) Embraces WebAssembly In an exciting development within the realm of Edge AI, SSS’s next-generation sensing platform, AITRIOS, is setting a new standard for innovation.  Midokura is now developing a core part of the next-generation Edge AI sensing platform, “AITRIOS”, which is being commercialized by its … Read more

Using Gradle for Efficient CI/CD and Onboarding Processes


Project management tool At Midokura, we predominantly work with projects managed by Kubernetes. This approach offers significant advantages, allowing us to seamlessly run projects locally in a manner identical to their production environment. To achieve this we need: Our toolset includes Kind for running Kubernetes on laptops and Helm charts to manage deployment across various … Read more

How to Structure Your K8s GitOps Repository at Scale [Part 1]

structure k8s

When managing clusters and resources using FluxCD and GitOps, the first challenge any developer will meet is how to structure your GitOps repository. FluxCD provides docs and a repository with good practices, examples, and thoughts on how to organize your YAML files to set up a multi-tenant Kubernetes cluster. However, with more complex environments where you manage multiple clusters, … Read more

Navigating the Async Waters: A Practical Guide to Concurrency in FastAPI

Concurrency in FastAPI

Introduction FastAPI has been gaining momentum as the go-to Python backend framework. The Python Developers Survey 2022 Results indicated that a solid 25% of Python developers used FastAPI last year. What’s drawing developers in is its simplicity and streamlined approach to solving typical API development challenges, such as handling data validation, serialization, and documentation with … Read more

CI/CD Hands-On: A Simple But Functional Continuous Integration Workflow [Part 2]


Manual deployments are not error-prone. Moreover, they consist of a bunch of repetitive and complex tasks. The development teams are afraid of the complexity of deploying a new version of an application and the headaches it brings. Sometimes, deploying an application requires advanced platform skills. It is a tedious process to debug deployment issues. FluxCD helps … Read more

CI/CD Hands-On: A Simple But Functional Continuous Integration Workflow [Part 1]


CI/CD is a well-established software development dogma. The Internet is full of articles and pages talking about CI/CD. They always have the same CI/CD image. I bet you know the image I’m talking about. I read dozens of articles about the topic and experienced the implementation of an end-to-end CI/CD pipeline. The reality is that implementing a CI/CD … Read more

IoT Performance Load Testing with Locust and Azure [Continuous Delivery]


This article is the second part of IoT Performance Load Testing with Locust and Azure. I encourage you to read it before reading this article because it may contain some references to the previous one. The previous article attempted to explain how to develop an MQTT performance load test using and how to take profit from the … Read more

IoT Performance Load Testing with Locust and Azure


Nowadays, End-to-End testing of functional and non-functional requirements is a must but is time-consuming and can be solved using multiple tools and approaches. This article explores how to test the performance of an IoT system using Locust and Azure. Defining the test scope and requirements is essential to maximize the value of the obtained results. … Read more

Unveiling the World of Computer Vision: A Comprehensive Overview


Computer Vision is a dynamic Artificial Intelligence field that encompasses the study and development of algorithms and techniques to enable computers to interpret and understand visual information. In this blog post, we will delve into the fundamentals of Computer Vision, shedding light on its key concepts and tasks.  Computer Vision refers to the field of … Read more