Highlights: our 2021 midolympics


We are happy to introduce the midolympics, running for the first time in the midohouse in Barcelona Our peculiar combination of different games, such as some online games and sports like ping pong or beach volleyball. Our midos have had to compete in teams or by themselves depending on the specific game. This fact has really caught our … Read more

Edge Computing News in 2021


2021 will be the year in which emerging technology moves from theory and experimentation to applicable technology, driven by the development of AI and 5G. Until now, Edge Computing was considered a promising technology, but still in development. In 2021, the emergence of new commercial models is expected, which will facilitate the deployment of Edge … Read more

Sensor and Edge Computing Software

hardware midokura

Technological progress drives logistics progress. Advances in sensor technology have brought us an incredible development in software: safer, more robust and capable of deploying all the potential necessary for the management of smart cities. In this new paradigm sending data to a centralized external location is no longer necessary. The new sensors not only acquire … Read more

Artificial Intelligence in video games


Since the beginning of the computer age, video games and the development of Artificial Intelligence have been closely related. We are facing a new revolution in the field of video games and it is thanks to the development of Artificial Intelligence. When we talk about AI in video games, we refer to the set of … Read more

What is a robot?


The term robot encompasses too many concepts. Is an autonomous drone a robot? Is it a Roomba vacuum? What about Tesla’s self-driving cars? Getting into the matter: What exactly does the word robot mean? What is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of robots? Maybe a machine, an android, like in … Read more

Artificial Intelligence: the revolution in the industry


The intelligent industry, known as Industry 4.0, is considered the fourth industrial revolution and adopts digital technology to modify the current concept of a company The near future will present an era of intelligent factories that will integrate the physical and the virtual worlds, where the supply chain and industrial processes will be optimised automatically, … Read more

New AI business opportunities


Artificial Intelligence (AI) will play a fundamental role for technological success of companies in all sectors and production processes. Using AI within a company is no longer science fiction. The working dynamics have already changed, and will change even more. It is already hard to imagine that companies can get by without technology, and it … Read more